Sunday, December 29, 2013

EQ2 - Screenshots of my favorite game

Two views of Lindlee on her Winter Wonderland porch.

Kess in Frostfell Village, 2013

Lindlee overlooking Snowy Hideaway Home

Lindlee in Haunted House yard.

Siren's Grotto

Natuzzi in Thorke's house in Gorowyn.

Lindlee in the "lobby" of the Vacation Villa homes we built.

Lindlee on the Winter Wonderland porch of her home.
3-Headed Epic beast in Stonebrundt
Shadowknight Krazze in Withered Lands safe area

Beauty, a conjuror, in Kylong Plains

Beauty in Sinking Sands

Redrogue in Frostfang Sea newbie area

One of many dragons

Kess at level 85

Nights of the Dead costume

Lindlee on porch of house for sale.

Krazze in Stonebrundt in older armor

Lindlee in Frostfell Village, 2013

Kenar on Vespyr Isle

Kenar flying in Vespyr 

Lindlee in clockwork armor in Thurgadin

Lindlee in old guild hall

Lindlee ouside Thurgadin, looking for a ride.

Lindlee with a dragon statue in Thurgadin.

Lavastorm boss dragon watching Lindlee.

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