Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Tangles

Everyone is saying the same thing - where did the year go. Only 5 days left of 2012. I figured it was time to go through my Zentangles and find the ones I wanted to scan to put up on the blog and on Pinterest.

So I did. and here they are

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Poem

I wrote this a few years ago - few people ever saw it. Thought I'd share:

The Elf and the Holiday Poem

Three weeks before Christmas, in the year double "0"
A poet was crying; the words would not flow.
The holiday candles would soon be a-glow,
And Santa was practicing his old "Ho-H0-Ho"
But the words would not come and it worried her so.

She fretted all day and she worried all night
She picked up her pen, but just could not write
And the paper would put up a terrible fight.
Her friends told her everything would be alright
So she took a deep breath, and closed her eyes tight....

In less than an instant, in less than a blink
An elf stood before her and gave her a wink.
Before she would stop him, before she could think,
He picked up her pen and refilled it with ink
Of a hue best described as extra hot pink!

"I'll write it for you, just wait and you'll see
"I write rather well, for an elf, you'll agree
"And when I am done we'll discuss my fee
("I've been know to work for a good cup of tea!)
"So sit back, relax and leave it all up to me!"

Let's see....

"Should I include names of people you know?
"Or open my heart and just let the words flow..
"And include everyone; be they friend, be they foe.
"That certainly seems the best was to go."
I believe at this point he started to glow.

"Am I doing alright -- is this a good start?"
She had to admit, the elf might be smart
"Keep writing, we'll see if your story has heart
Sometimes in the middle it all falls apart
I'm not one for putting the horse 'fore the cart."

OK now....

I need a new angle - I know what's been done
("I've read all your poems - every last one)
You write every year and you've clearly had fun
I'll write something different; something second to none
Inspirational words - without a bad pun."

He sat down at my desk and started to write
He sat there all day - he sat there all night
Her worked feverishly, he was really a sight
She was beginning to wonder if he was alright
Then he stopped. And his face, it lit up like a light.

"I've got it! Yes sir! Godd job! It's all here
It took me so long, I was starting to fear,
But now I am sure that all is quite clear
They'll love it, I swear, there won't be a jeer
Now pay me, sweet poet, I need a cold beer.

She paid that good elf once she read what he writ
She did not begrudge him his beer, not a bit
His poem said it all not with puns or with wit
His poem was not wordy, he knew when to quit
She had to admit all the words seemed to fit.

He wrote:

Whatever your color, whatever you creed
We're people inside and we all have a need
So I'm sending you all the humanity seed

Take it to heart, but don't bury it deep
It's not to be hoarded, it's not yours to keep
Share it with others, what you sow you will reap

Remember that goodness prevails when you start
To put away greed, and to lead with your heart
You can't buy true Holiday joy at K-Mart

You don't have to buy diamonds, or jewels or toys
Give presents of happiness, friendship and joys
Give hope, live in peace, care for all girls and boys

Forget all your grudges, the scourge of mankind
Emrace what is different; do not close your mind
Open your heart; leave the hatred behind.

Oh, one more phrase I'll remember to write
Happy Holidays to all, and a peaceful Good Night!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I've made more cards

Here are some more cards that I have made recently. Two are birthday cards, the others are for Christmas.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thinking of you card

I made this card for someone special who is going through a rough time.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christmas cards I have made

Front of card     

Inside same card

Front of card

Inside same card

Christmas Ornaments

Saturday, April 28, 2012

ATC format

This is my first try at doing an ATC (artist trading card). It is a smaller format, about the size of a business card.
Uses: Punzel; Reticulated; Unyun

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Up to E now

I'm back to doing some alphabet tangles now. I've gotten up to E. Here's my first all-E tangle.

Uses: Ennies and Euca

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last time with D

I do believe this will be the last D-tangle. I'm moving on up to the E's. This one is a little different from others that I have made, as it has more blank space. Still haven't got the shading right.

Uses: Droplets, Drupe, Dutch Hourglass and Dust Bunny

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dew Drops

I recently purchased some Dew Drops ink - for rubber stamping and other projects - and decided to ink up a Zentangle square before I started tangling it. The first attempt did not come out to well, as I also colored parts of the tangle with colored pens and just didn't like it. This one I decided to tangle in black and white ... errr ... well, black and INKED, anyway. I rather liked the result. I have also purchased a corner-rounder and like the look of the rounded corners.

Uses: Dragonair and Squid

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Found another C tangle

I was looking through my scans and found this tangle that I never posted. It belongs with all the C-tangles!
Now that I look at it, I believe I was going to try to re-scan this to get the shading to show up better. Oh well. Here it is anyway.
Uses: Celtic; Cirquital; Cockles & Mussels

A little different

I intended for this tangle to be another all-D tangle, but once I finished DeKore - which turned out larger than I expected, I decided to try just one background tangle to finish it off, and I didn't like any of the "D" tangles that I found. So I used Cadent, which is one of my favorites. I liked the way it came out and added some color to it, which I liked even more. The pink is a glitter pen, which doesn't really show up on the web - so imagine a little shimmer where the pink ink is.

Uses DeKore and Cadent

Monday, April 9, 2012

D again

Here's another D-tangle. The "diamonds" were colored in with gold glitter pens. It does a nice glittery effect.
Now that I am making more and more tangles, I need to find a way to keep them. I suppose I should find a nice box which I can display on my coffee table or shelf or something..hmmmm....Looks like a trip to the craft store is coming up! (Like I need an excuse....)

Uses: Diamond Drops; Dust bunny: DL nebula

Thursday, April 5, 2012


After making some tangles that went right into the garbage, I finally finished one I like. The diamonds are filled in with Sakura gold glitter pen and do glimmer on the original.

Uses: Diamond Drops; Dust Bunny; DL Nebula

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time for the D's

Moving on to the D-tangles now. I finally figured out how to get the shading to scan better.

Uses: DL Labyrinth; Diamond & Squares; Dragonair

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another C tangle

I finished another C-tangle, using a tanlge I have never used before, Chard. The shading didn't really scan right.

Uses: Croon; Chainging, Chard

Monday, March 12, 2012

C-tangles continued

I intended to use more tangles on this one, but once I got this far, I decided I liked it just the way it is. But I did decide to use some color.

Uses: Cat-kin and Chainlette

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Starting the C's

I have made it to the C-tangles now. I like the open-ness of this one.

This uses: Cockles n mussels; Cadent; Cat-kin; and Chillon

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doing B again

This MIGHT be the last B tangle - unless I find some more that I want to practice. I believe I really wanted the left side to be the bottom, but I scanned it this way. Doesn't look too bad....

Uses: Bridgen, Boucle, Bluebonnets, Bumps, Bubbles, Bandola and BB

Monday, February 27, 2012

More B Tangles

Here's another B tangle. I found some more B tangles, so there will be more B postings in this series. Will I ever make it to C???
Uses: Barbed wire; Black-eyed peas; Bilt; Box spirals; Betweed; Basketweave; Beadlines; Beelight

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Roller Coaster

I've finished one last B tangle and have been working on tangles starting with C but haven't gotten them scanned yet. They will be posted later this week. Here's a tangle I did a few weeks ago. I think I'll name this creation Roller Coaster, which it sort of resembles. Well, at least to my eye.

Tangles used: Strata, Stoic, Bubbles and one I forgot the name of.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Seeing double

Late last year, I was experimenting with making ornaments and Christmas cards using Zentangles. I made a design that I liked, then copied it and colored it. Below are the results.

Tangles used: Betweed; Beadlines; BB, and one I don't know the name of.

I didn't use these designs for anything. They've just been sitting in my "finished" folder. Thought I'd share them.