Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Poem

I wrote this a few years ago - few people ever saw it. Thought I'd share:

The Elf and the Holiday Poem

Three weeks before Christmas, in the year double "0"
A poet was crying; the words would not flow.
The holiday candles would soon be a-glow,
And Santa was practicing his old "Ho-H0-Ho"
But the words would not come and it worried her so.

She fretted all day and she worried all night
She picked up her pen, but just could not write
And the paper would put up a terrible fight.
Her friends told her everything would be alright
So she took a deep breath, and closed her eyes tight....

In less than an instant, in less than a blink
An elf stood before her and gave her a wink.
Before she would stop him, before she could think,
He picked up her pen and refilled it with ink
Of a hue best described as extra hot pink!

"I'll write it for you, just wait and you'll see
"I write rather well, for an elf, you'll agree
"And when I am done we'll discuss my fee
("I've been know to work for a good cup of tea!)
"So sit back, relax and leave it all up to me!"

Let's see....

"Should I include names of people you know?
"Or open my heart and just let the words flow..
"And include everyone; be they friend, be they foe.
"That certainly seems the best was to go."
I believe at this point he started to glow.

"Am I doing alright -- is this a good start?"
She had to admit, the elf might be smart
"Keep writing, we'll see if your story has heart
Sometimes in the middle it all falls apart
I'm not one for putting the horse 'fore the cart."

OK now....

I need a new angle - I know what's been done
("I've read all your poems - every last one)
You write every year and you've clearly had fun
I'll write something different; something second to none
Inspirational words - without a bad pun."

He sat down at my desk and started to write
He sat there all day - he sat there all night
Her worked feverishly, he was really a sight
She was beginning to wonder if he was alright
Then he stopped. And his face, it lit up like a light.

"I've got it! Yes sir! Godd job! It's all here
It took me so long, I was starting to fear,
But now I am sure that all is quite clear
They'll love it, I swear, there won't be a jeer
Now pay me, sweet poet, I need a cold beer.

She paid that good elf once she read what he writ
She did not begrudge him his beer, not a bit
His poem said it all not with puns or with wit
His poem was not wordy, he knew when to quit
She had to admit all the words seemed to fit.

He wrote:

Whatever your color, whatever you creed
We're people inside and we all have a need
So I'm sending you all the humanity seed

Take it to heart, but don't bury it deep
It's not to be hoarded, it's not yours to keep
Share it with others, what you sow you will reap

Remember that goodness prevails when you start
To put away greed, and to lead with your heart
You can't buy true Holiday joy at K-Mart

You don't have to buy diamonds, or jewels or toys
Give presents of happiness, friendship and joys
Give hope, live in peace, care for all girls and boys

Forget all your grudges, the scourge of mankind
Emrace what is different; do not close your mind
Open your heart; leave the hatred behind.

Oh, one more phrase I'll remember to write
Happy Holidays to all, and a peaceful Good Night!